What are pregnant mothers dying from?

Source: World Health Organisation

Problem Defination

Over 830 mothers die daily from pregnancy complications with 99% of them in developing countries like Zambia. More than 2 400 newborns die every day and about 3 100 within their first 4 weeks of life from preventable neonatal conditions.

In Zambia, 860 000 mothers give birth annually with 8 losing their lives daily. Only 29% of pregnant mothers have access to good quality antenatal care putting 610 000 at risk.

Dawa Health fighting maternal mortality

At Dawa Health, we believe democratizing access to maternal health will significantly lower the numbers of pregnancy-induced maternal mortality. We are reshaping access to maternal health via several tools we are making for mothers. Our approach is targeted at contributing to SDG 3 & 4.

Rudo (Chatbot)

Rudo is a multilingual virtual assistant chatbot answering questions mothers have pertaining their pregnancy. Rudo is a Shona word that means love, this signifies the values we hold as a company to help mothers in the region access maternal health.

We are working with a network of community health workers to expand our services to USSD/SMS platform.

DawaMom App

DawaMom is an AI-powered mobile-phone app reshaping access to maternal health. The app is contributing to SDG 3 & 4. It's advising pregnant and nursing mothers on good antenatal and postnatal practices. The app is tailored to give week on week advice corresponding to that of the mothers' pregnancy

How it works

The app automatically calculates the age of the pregnancy and expected day of delivery from the last menstrual period date entered. The app comes in 4 different languages.

Dawa Self-monitoring kit

The Dawa self-monitoring kit is hardware that's working in collaboration with the DawaMom to assist mothers to receive remote healthcare. The kit has a blood pressure monitor, an hCG strip kit, latex gloves, and urinalysis strip kit.

Mothers can self-monitor medical parameters using the hardware. The data collected is recorded into the DawaMom app and wired to a doctor for remote advise.

Sayana® Press

Sayana Press is an easy-to-use hormonal birth control option for women. It is an injection, with a very small needle, that women can give to themselves to prevent pregnancies for 3 months.

Start your journey to a better life with Dawa Health

A Community of Mothers

We have an online community of pregnant and nursing mothers where there share experiences

Online around the Clock

Our service empowers you to self-monitor 24/7. This allows early intervention before in complications

Health Records

Your data is stored in a simple, easy to comprehend way. You can share and access it with a tap of a button

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